I made a new blag

Well here it is. http://jamimart.tumblr.com/

WELCOME TO THE JAMI MART. I wanted to clean up this one and just use this for when my tutor was all “MAKE A BLOG” but I couldn’t be bothered. So I just made a new one. I will probably just abandon this one probably. You can unfollow this one and follow that one if you want. Or you can unfollow this and don’t follow the new one. That’s okay too but it will hurt my delicate feelings.

I will probably try and update that one more than once a year.

Every sunday I go to my friends’ house and pretend to be her for a few hours. Overall I would say I’m pretty satisfied with my life, D-

MEEDLY MEEDLY MOW SHE’S A GORGON BITCHES. Don’t look at her right foot.

"Sha-Ree face, less than half an hour..PNG"

"Sha-Ree face, less than half an hour..PNG"

My friends and I recently started a new D&D party. My character is Sha-Ree the berserker.


Man oh man, do gnomes hate giants.


For Crocty on his birthday. Fanart of his comic HaTs (Humans at Time’s standstill), a minimalist, satire/horror about a group of post-human mutants with varying degrees of facelessness living out a shambled parody of their previous live in an empty white void after time stopped, thereby reflecting the absurdity of our own.

This is horrifying to me, and yet, I love it. Why thank you :D

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I got lazy and didn’t shade it because there was little time.

A T-shirt design I guess? I’m not too sure about it now, but hey, I’m not making another. Guess I’ll see about getting these on Red Bubble or somewhere IDK. Need some for my end of year exhibition.

Just a Nina.

Just a Nina.